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It 'consists of the Association ONLUS Voluntary Fiorenzuola beyond borders ", headquartered in Fiorenzuola d'Arda, Piazzale Massimo D'Azeglio No. 3.
The Association is a non-profit.
In order to pursue its activities, the Association relies significantly prevalent and personal performance, voluntary and free of its own supporters. The Association will run until it will be less for the purposes for which it is made.


The Association pursues exclusively for social solidarity and in particular seeks to intervene by the means provided by this Statute, to assist and help those in difficulty, due to wars, famines and natural disasters by implementing all the means and guarantees necessary for the use and allocation of aid and humanitarian action takes place in a democratic, non-sectarian and ethnic, to promote principles of peace, solidarity and equality between citizens of the area assisted. The Association also offers help with the arrangements described above, all those people of different nationalities within the country that they need help with the difficulties encountered as a result of their immigration status.

The Association is open to every citizen, not by differences of race or sex is available and attentive to the contributions of everyone, regardless of religious or political views. The Association recognizes and promotes the fundamental human value and key democratic values of freedom, justice, solidarity, peace and nonviolence. The initiatives that the Association intends to promote in implementing the above are:

1.ospitalità and hospitality;
2.raccolta of funds and materials for all types of humanitarian aid;
3.organizzazione professional training or education for populations in difficulty;
4.reperimento human resources available to support voluntary initiatives on the spot;
5.organizzazione labor camps and animation;
6.prestito or donation of machinery and equipment in school activities and work;
7.attuazione projects working in the field;
8.gemellaggio city Fiorenzuola with local places of assisted
9.informazione and disclosure of all possible cultural and humanitarian initiatives in line     with the purposes of this Statute;
10.promozione and membership of any similar initiatives that may arise in other places;
11.contribuire affirmation of an ideal of peace, solidarity and social justice;
12.eventuali other activities to be promoted by the Association from time to time and in any case must be related to those mentioned above.


May join the Association, with equal rights and obligations, individuals operating in different sectors and areas of intervention that can be recognized in the goals and objectives as established by this Charter.

Members are divided into four categories:

1.Members founders
2.Members employees
3.Members ordinary (natural)
4.Members fees

Are founder members who helped to initiatives of solidarity which preceded the formalization of the Association "Fiorenzuola beyond, who sign this memorandum and the regulations and who agree to be the first mutual fund. In addition to continued participation in the life of the competence and professionalism.
Members are employees who participate in activities with continuity for competence and professionalism.
Ordinary members are those who share the goals of the Association, participating in the life of the contributing occasional contributions and / or using the services of the same features. Members are expected to contribute to the life of the registration fee and any contributions to the extent determined annually by the Board of Directors. Ordinary members wishing to be admitted as members employees must formally request in writing to the Board, indicating areas of possible collaboration.
However, all members have equal right of access to social positions.

The Board accepts a new partner after having checked the requirements of this statute.
Members cease to belong to the Association for termination, revocation and exclusion. May withdraw the request the member who is no longer able to work with continuity to the activities of the Association.
The request for withdrawal must be submitted to the Board with reasonable notice. The Board may declare the forfeiture of the member:
· That has lost the requirements for eligibility;
· That is no longer able to contribute to social goals;
· That is not in compliance with annual payments required by the Association.
Can be ruled out that the member material and moral damages to the Association, or otherwise for serious reasons.
The exclusion is decided by the Board of Directors after the member has been writing contest that can justify the exclusion by assigning a period of ten days for any counterclaims.
The member ceases to belong to the Association for termination, revocation and exclusion, as well as the heirs of the deceased member shall not retain any rights to the assets and shares already paid. Needed for operating expenses including the expenses of the Association members who will perform activities necessary for the implementation of the institutional responsibilities as any other expenditure, you will with mandatory contributions of members and with the proceeds of social and commercial.


The Association finances its structures and its activities:

1.contributi members;
2.contributi individuals;
3.contributi State institutions have public institutions aimed solely at supporting specific and documented activities or projects;
4.contributi international bodies;
5.donazioni and bequests;
6.rimborsi under agreements;
7.entrate from commercial activities and marginal production;
The Association organizes and manages activities and services consistent with the purposes of this Statute, which may require public funding.
The Board members establish the acceptance or otherwise of any donation, the scale of contributions for the activities and the finalization of the sums earned, consistent with art. 2 of the Statute.
The Council itself will decide the use of any government grants or private not intended for any specific project in accordance with the purposes of this Charter. Every commitment of expenditure approved by the Board of Directors must receive adequate funding.

The remains of management must be used for the implementation of institutional activities and those directly related. It 'not distribute, even indirectly, of profits or operating surpluses and funds, reserves or capital during the life of the Association, unless the destination or distribution is required by law.

The financial year of the beginning and end respectively on 1 January and 31 December each year. At the end of each financial year the Board prepares the financial statement and submit to dell'Asseemblea members within the month of April.


The Association consists of:

1. Members' Meeting
2. Board
3. President
4. Vice president
5. Treasurer
6. Secretary
7. Manager Training
8. Manager Press and Information Service

All officers are carried free.

ART. 6 - Shareholders' Meeting

The Assembly may be ordinary or extraordinary.
The Assembly shall meet in ordinary session at least once a year in March, to approve the Final Account, Budget Estimate of Annual Report and the appointment of members of the Board of Directors, if they were expired established two years for their natural life. Each individual member will be represented at the meeting by another member by written proxy. Each shareholder will not receive more than two proxies.
Meetings are chaired by the President of the Board or in his absence the Vice-President.
The deliberations of the Assembly are taken by simple majority of those present, unless otherwise provided. Any reference to body or association may vote only on behalf of his Association.
The meeting is duly constituted with the presence of half plus one of members, in first call and second call whatever number.
Associations, organizations, groups, local committees and individuals who, although not belonging to the Association, are recognized in the goals and purposes of this Statute may apply to participate as observers with speaking rights at the Assembly of members.
The Assembly is convened by the President by written notice delivered to members at least eight days before the meeting.
The Extraordinary Assembly resolution on amendments of the Constitution and the statute and on early termination and extension of the Association.
Any proposals to amend the Statutes must be submitted at least three fourths of the members must be contained in the invitation and will become valid when approved by three fourths of the voters.

The Assembly called for amendments to the Statute shall be duly constituted by the presence of three quarters of members.
One fifth of the members may at any time convene a Special Meeting of Shareholders, which will take place within 30 days from the date of the application.


The Board is composed of 11 members:

2.Vice president
3.Treasurer (who may be outsiders to the Association, if voted by the General Assembly)
5.Head of Training
6.Press and Information Officer
7.remaining directors elected by the Assembly (up to dial the number set)

The Board of Directors, which meets at least once every two months, is called by the President or, if they so request, at least one third of its members. The Board of Directors elects inside, still a majority, the President, Vice President, the Secretary, the Head of Training, Information Officer and the Treasurer Press, where the latter has not been expressly voted by the General Assembly. The representatives of the Executive Council are elected every two years, unless specific pronouncement of the Assembly by a vote of no confidence passed by majority. After this period, the Board of Directors resigned collect each candidate for their vote to the General Assembly.
The positions are renewable. In case of death, resignation or expulsion of a component, we will elect the successor to the drawing list of non-elected. The Board's task is to coordinate the activities of the Association and to propose to the initiatives which are consistent with those described in art. 2 of the Statute, to establish the balance sheet and budget and annual report in view of the General Assembly to decide on the new members and possible expulsion.
Budgets, budget and final accounts are prepared and must coincide with the calendar year. Financial statement must be from property, contributions,, exits and bequests received.


The President is elected by the Executive Board at its first meeting, the members of the Board.
The President is the legal representative of the Association "Fiorenzuola beyond borders" and in particular:

1.Convoke and chair meetings of the Board of Directors;
2.Convoke Assembly members;
3.For implement the resolutions of the Board of Directors;
4.To signe accounting records;
5.Can your legal proceedings in the interest of the Association, before any court at any level, provided that if an actor. authorized by the Board of Directors;
6.Adopt, in cases of extreme urgency, all measures pertaining to the Board of Directors, upon ratification of such measures at the next meeting of the Executive Council;
7.Your guarantee of respect for the Constitution and common decisions. In case of absence or impediment, is replaced by Vice President


The Treasurer is elected by the Executive Board at its first meeting, unless the person in question was outside the Association, whose application has already been so identified by the General Assembly.
The Treasurer performs all transactions in the administration of assets.
Signature of the accounting records. Have equal voting rights of other members of the Board of Directors, at meetings of the same.


The position of secretary is voted by the Board at its first meeting. The secretary is to prepare minutes of meetings of Executive Council, reports that are then signed by the President or Vice President present. In his absence, the President may appoint another member of the Executive to draw up minutes of meeting.


The dissolution of the Association shall be decided by qualified majority (three quarters of eligible voters) in the General Assembly expressly convened with this agenda item.
In case of dissolution of the assets will be donated to other non-profit organizations of social utility, of the same or similar field, or public purposes, unless the target set by law.


The founders are part of law of the Association. The same members until the General Assembly, constitute the Board of Directors. The General Assembly is convened by the President with agenda that provides for the appointment of the Executive Council, which will serve for two years.
Entitled to vote in the Constituent General Assembly, where they will vote on this Charter, all members.


Although not included in this statute refers to the Civil Code and other applicable standards.

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