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The association "Fiorenzuola oltre i confini" FOIC ( Fiorenzuola beyond borders ) was founded in 1996 as a result of collaborative experience, gained in 1995 during the Balkan conflict, between current Honorary President Sandro Loschi and the Studies of Canton Zenica- Doboj (Bosnia Herzegovina). At that time the schools of Bosnia, while being bombed,  continued activity in basements but had absolutely no educational materials (pencil was broken into three pieces to meet all pupils and instead of notebooks was used the wrapping paper). Thus was born the idea of a collection of teaching materials at Fiorenzuola citizenship for those schools and 4 October 1996 started the first group of volunteers with two buses loaded with aid. And 'from this point that the adventure of, from Bosnia ....

After many years the association has grown and become known: now has about 60 members, about 300 supporters and about twenty volunteers operating. He has made numerous missions in Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, and humanitarian interventions in Sri Lanka, India, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal, missions that continue today. Has organized training courses of study in Italy for students of nursing school Medzinska Skola Zenica (Bosnia) and sea holidays in Italy for Children orphanage in Zenica where Dom Porodica un promotes and manages a campaign of sponsorships. He completed more than 100 health interventions for children and foreign children with serious illnesses that could not be treated in their countries of origin from Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ecuador, Iraq, Nepal, Iran collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics Hospital Fiorenzuola by Dr. Ettore Pedretti. He encouraged the youth choir tour in Italy Omladinski Hor of Zenica (Bosnia) and "Boys of Bucharest" (Romania) organization founded by Parada Miloud Oukili. He promoted the twinning between the City of Fiorenzuola and the Municipality of Zenica (Bosnia), working with the humanitarian organization Bosnian Ruhama for their support and assistance of elderly and disabled patients Zenica, supports and cooperates with the Association of Sezam Zenica, working in the field of reconciliation between different ethnic groups during the war were fought hard to promote peace building and reconciliation. Work on migration to promote the acceptance and integration of foreigners in our area managing information desks in the Eastern District in the Towns of: Fiorenzuola, Monticelli d'Ongina, Villanova sull'Arda, Cortemaggiore, Caorso, Carpaneto, Podenzano, Ponte dell'Olio. Organizes literacy classes and citizenship preparation. Join the Municipal Forum of Migration and the organization works every year, the multi-ethnic festival "World around the corner." Contributed to the birth of a multiethnic soccer team, in the 2004-2005 season, he won the provincial senior UISP.

in recent years, has collaborated with: Italian Cooperation, Iscos, Project Development, Nexus, Project South, the Italian Red Cross, Caritas, Emergency, Coop, the Foundation Parada, Italian Singers, Mission Rainbow, Emilia-Romagna Province of Piacenza, City of Fiorenzuola City Traversetolo, Useless Servants Association, Association of Workers Believers, Action Solidarity Association, ABC, Association of Small Hearts Large Hospitals of Fiorenzuola, Piacenza, Genoa, Bologna, Fidenza, Vicenza, Brescia, Massa, Modena and other realities in the field of decentralized cooperation and voluntary. In recent years numerous activities of the Association were an important support and help to many people, especially children and elderly, who represent the most vulnerable in society. We believe therefore that our commitment is a small but vital contribution to the affirmation of an ideal of peace and solidarity and as Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: .. "This is a drop in the ocean of need, but without that the sea was a drop in less ... ... .. "
L 'Association pursues exclusively for social solidarity and in particular seeks to interfere with the means under the Statute, to assist and help people in difficulty due to wars, famines and natural disasters, implementing all appropriate and necessary safeguards so that the use and allocation of aid and humanitarian efforts occur in a democratic, non-sectarian and ethnic, to promote principles of peace, solidarity and equality between citizens of the area assisted. The Association also offers help with the arrangements described above, all those people of different nationalities within the country that they need help with any difficulties encountered as a result of their immigration status. The Association is open to every citizen, not by differences of race or sex is available and attentive to the contributions of everyone, regardless of religious or political views. The Association recognizes and promotes the fundamental human value and key democratic values of freedom, justice, solidarity, peace and nonviolence.

The Association is registered at the Regional Voluntary Associations and the first section of the Register of Institutions and Associations whose activities are in favor of immigrants, the Ministry of Social Solidarity.



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